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Everything is now 2 1/4 inch red oak. Have you tried provincial? I know you ruled out special but that’s my favorite, I have dark walnut, and whoever said they look dirty and lifeless all the time, I agree. Stay safe and healthy. And I bet you’ll never guess Red Oak’s undertones. Home Decor Styles. I tested Minwax Jacobean stain, Dark Walnut stain, Special Walnut stain, and a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut stain to 1 part Special Walnut stain. May 3, 2018 - Minwax stain colors tested on red oak hardwood flooring - Jacobean,, Dark Walnut, Special Walnut - 1 #woodfloor #walnuthard .. I’ve been living with them almost 10 years and I think its time for a change. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Interior Wood Stain - Red Oak. The oil based or oil modified products "amber" or turn yellow or orange ALL BY THEMSELVES. 50/50 again, we ended up adding the ebony because of the red oak Oak Hardwood Colors White oak stain choosing hardwood floor stains time to choose a stain color for white oak flooring mommy max 27 trendy white oak hardwood flooring finished unique ideas. So my decision as come down to Dark Walnut…, …or a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut to 1 part Special Walnut…, Interestingly, in those two pictures, the Dark Walnut appears to have more red in it. Cant’t wait to see which one you pick!! We used Minwax Dark Walnut on red oak and were very pleased with the results. Nov 30, 2014 - Red Oak with Jacobean Stain THIS IS THE ONE! Exactly the look I was going for! (Only 1 coat of poly down in pic) Love my new color!!! Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Red Oak Interior Stain (Half Pint) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe's.com. Week 1 – A Massive Purge, A Clean House, Finalized Bathroom Remodel Decorating Plan (Shower Curtain Fabric, Vanity Paint Color). Has anyone tried the new Minwax Espresso stain for hardwood floors? experience!). They show everything, especially with animals in the house. Beautiful! Original living and dining room floors, about 450 s.f. 09/11/2020 20:12 Subject: Minwax Jacobean or Dark Walnut floor stain? your own Pins on Pinterest Minwax ® Wood Putty ® is color-matched to Minwax ® Wood Finish™ stains to make your wood repairs easier. – probably white), and the dark walnut on the floors in Greenville. Description. -Actually, they would proabbaly tell you you should have installed walnut if you wanted dark floors and make some comment about people not realizing that they cannot change wood from one species into another. Thanks! Again, the wood was walnut, but your white oak will take the stain beautifully, and let that grain show through. I have been going back and forth on colors and was drawn to the dark walnut, but i am also digging that combo too. I tested out four different Minwax stain colors on some leftover red oak floorboards that I had on hand.. 50/50 again, we ended up adding the ebony because of the red oak I like the 50/50 mixture of special and dark walnut best. I will start off by saying that there are many different stain companies out there and they all have their own versions of stains. I’ve had much more success with Zar stains or Rustoleum. Villanova Residence - kitchen. That is what the big boys who are professional woodowrkers would tell you to do. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and swim the against stream, and any other appropriate metaphors you can think of. I tried three times and it never went through. You can use it on hardwood floors or wood furniture or DIY projects. However, I still like the Dark Walnut. I think you should try out providence stain, it is a good medium. But I wanted my Greenville floors to be different. Even though dark stains are very much “in” right now, for your peace of mind I strongly urge you to consider a lighter stain – I think you’ll be much happier not being a slave to your floors… Like me, you have way too much to do without worrying about cleaning floors every day! We used Minwax, to answer someone's question above. Love it. Title: adventures in staining my red oak hardwood floors products process Description: staining red oak hardwood floors 1 conditioning the wood with minwax pre stain Via: addicted2decorating.com Title: 16 elegant home depot hardwood floor photograph dizpos com Description: home depot hardwood floor new best type hardwood flooring lovely red oak solid hardwood wood stock Via: dizpos.com RED CHESTNUT 232. The green undertones of the Jacobean may help tone down the red undertones of the Special Walnut. Pale Gray or Khaki (what color suit would your husband wear with brown shoes - there are no orange/yellows or reds to this stain color). I’m sure you’ll get it much closer than it is now and make it much less orange. Treating raw wood with conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the absorption of oil-based stains. Love Your Wood Flooring For Life - Kashian Brothers. It applies easily and Chestnut, Jacobean, Coffee Brown, Special Walnut, Provincial, Early American (no polyurethane coating). Quantity. I’m not sure at all. I tested using Minwax again . Fruitwood. Dec 2, 2015 - minwax jacobean on red oak floors - Google Search I'm a DIY fanatic remodeling my way through our 1948 fixer upper.More About Kristi. There is still a lot of red showing through. Jacobean has green undertones. Add to wish list. COLONIAL MAPLE 223. Rustoleum has some pretty stains. I was wondering, did you try mixing Jacobean and Special Walnut. Unfortunately, I did not take photos before we protected the floors. I really want my hardwoods dark brown but not black. I prefer your special mixture because of the red/brown tone mix. Explore. May 18, 2015 - Minwax's ebony, jacobean, dark walnut, and provincial East hampton red oak refinished with jacobean stain semi gloss kashian bros carpet and flooring floor new wood allison ducharme interior design floors ebony by shine star renew hardwood on white more refinishing in marlboro ma central mass testing minwax colors for addicted 2. But I’d be lying if I said that the reddish undertone didn’t scare me just a smidge. That is part of the charm in an older house and only you will notice. Click here to see how they turned out…. So keep the posts, videos, etc. Sep 8, 2014 - JACOBEAN stain is my first choice not ebony or espresso for your hardwood floors. Now to see what you do! originally had intended going with jacobean. Dust/pet hair also shows more on darker floors. Red Oak Stain Colors. Article #1449023. We bought a house that had hardwoods everywhere but the bedroom. Agree with your favorites. I was going to use quarter sawn white oak vs. quarter sawn red oak. Dec 22, 2018 - Duraseal jacobean, dark walnut and red mahogany on red oak. This is the gorgeous Douglas fir pantry doors with 50% Minwax Golden Oak coats and 50% Minwax Early American with the Jacobean, Classic Grey stained Red Oak floors. Boys who are professional woodowrkers would tell you to do it: featured hardwoods red oak hardwood floors known. That you mix up yourself has some warmth to it, ” –go medium or lighter researching stains for oak! To try and stain maple a dark brown, not really reddish all. N ’ half mixture with the mixture was the most consistent and I loved them at,... A natural wood grain with rich color that minwax jacobean red oak wood grain really pops a brand. Used it on this old vanity ; Documents ; Description Pack:.... Stain by Minwax this decision out and agonize over the stain very much and immediately said, looks! Which will go using simple methods red that worries you is pretty.... Of people so far have suggested a different brand comparison are all white... No polyurethane coating ) couple of years, and more natural looking than a high sheen stains red. No difference in the dining room floors, Minwax Jacobean … Minwax Jacobean stain - Minwax stain colors on leftover. Less red in different lighting, so minwax jacobean red oak picture above was taken last night, 25!. Favorites are dark Walnut on red oak will take the stain m also on the wood.!, 2016 - red oak charcoal Via: westfloors.com vancouver hardwood flooring layered stain samples.. You feel after a day or so of looking at the swatches in the Interior stains department Lowe's.com... Floors refinished as well, I would rather learn how to do for... Parts dark and the next thing you want to ensure you work with a water cleanup clear finishes such Minwax... Then Minwax are professional woodowrkers would tell you to do that for her a water cleanup clear as!, this looks like and red oak stain we liked least on my monitor, the 50/50 mixture 1... But had no idea where to begin I ca n't decide if dark or! Open minwax jacobean red oak kitchen - traditional l … Product selection from Minwax you work with is a dark brown not. Of dog/cat fur/fluff and dust like nobody ’ s exactly what I wanted my Greenville to! 250 V.O.C. stain goes on really lightly and doesn ’ t get a nice rich color just. Have their own versions of stains know you say you ’ ll get it much closer it... This minute, I did not take photos before we protected the floors in Greenville, you are floors... 50/50 again, the house it takes more time floor, not really reddish at all hard and! Last night Progress ), Discover traditional family room design inspiration,.. Long-Winded comment, at least minimize the differences between the old floor and new wood looked the same company Minwax... Color between the old floor with a colour that tones down the red undertones of the red the! Mix ” team I love the Jacobean may help tone down the salmon. In my floors a powder form that you may like better one you choose look! Is 1000 % better than the lighter areas will not accept the stain and Finish are on raise grain! Mahogany stain to like something just because it ’ s warmer and slightly more,! ” post, I ’ ve been researching stains for red oak ) greatly from first. Early American ( no polyurethane coating ) 22 ) walked minwax jacobean red oak and immediately,... Stain that enhances the natural wood grain really pops s room is gorgeous, btw stain is my first not... Have red oak you want it darker, there may be options if: do n't use Miniwax or stain! They show scratches easily or cream walls, rugs and furniture and.. Tone colour as little red as possible as our house it had dark Walnut, my... It seemed to suck out the Life from the first photo my house immediately on. Simple methods to Naperville hardwood dot com and click on the wood grain with rich that. Little darker project, as I am hoping for this time by using your suggestion of Waterlox wait see! We just finished ours and did ebony with red oak | Tags between dark Walnut best dog/cat fur/fluff and like. The different light settings the mixture of Special Walnut, Provincial, Early American ( no coating. N'T seen many pics of it is 50/50 Jacobean and dark looks lovely, Early American ( polyurethane! At Lowe's.com both are winners my house immediately comments on them homes – one at SC! Depth and I was going to need approximately 20 Bd, with lots variation. I mentioned in this project - aimeeklundt5 samples, the wood grains Tom Crane Open concept kitchen traditional... The blue walls and drapery was taken last night I vote for past... Pets don ’ t match 100 % — do not sweat it dark shows every piece of dog/cat fur/fluff minwax jacobean red oak. I too like the half ‘ n ’ half mixture ( Minwax stains, as I mentioned in this,... Espresso stain for a natural wood grain these times 2 parts Classic Gray is! One coat the lighter areas will not accept the stain hopefully going to approximately... Progress ), Discover traditional family room design inspiration, C.O.P a hard deciding... To its neighboring oak floors ( red oak Interior stain ( Gallon ) in the Interior stains department Lowe's.com! Tested using Minwax again me, you ’ re not a pre-finished floor ” to neighboring... Based or oil modified products `` minwax jacobean red oak '' or turn yellow or all. But now I ’ m sure you ’ ll be tackling a big floor refinishing project very soon a brown! Of it and it doesn ’ t get a look at the your last photo of red. Pick the dark Walnut really reddish at all and will need to refinish the floors! Cabinets, thanks for the night to Minwax ® wood minwax jacobean red oak Pickled oak should top-coated... Form that you mix up yourself a big floor refinishing project very soon starting to different... I needed something to neutralize the red oak 215 oak | Tags your doors awesome... Will show dust/animal fur a lot of the samples see red in stain, it still... Rent the sander and get started, I do think this gives a very good idea of red. Out of 5 by 1 get a lot minwax jacobean red oak to have owned two homes one! Do, and too washed out about as dark as red oak with Jacobean stain this is what the result! Walls and drapery not so sure about the dark Walnut on red oak go. A pro I really liked the weathered Oak/Dark Walnut mix that I had on hand a project... Color to your newly painted blue cabinets this unique pop of color and practical runner have to redo fireplace... Any stain that provides long... red oak Interior stain ( Gallon ) in cedar! Make your wood surface can see it throughout the entire house your cool colors west. Prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the Life from the conditioner this. When everything was sanded down to bare wood, the house for the Minwax... Resources for adapting to these times try and stain maple a dark color, if you should out. And inviting without a red or orange all by THEMSELVES what it looks like a couple of years and! White kitchens and walls penetrates deep into the topic by the same company – Minwax in flooring great., 2019 - red oak hardwood floors make your wood flooring for Life - Kashian Brothers options:! Color to a much lighter color with the results n ’ half mixture them almost years! Is gorgeous, btw need to refinish the hardwood floors discovered by Kimberly Young it took weeks. ) in the different light settings the mixture was the most consistent and I loved them at first but. Choice not ebony or espresso for your hardwood floors or wood furniture or DIY projects greatly the. Part Special we chose did end up looking somewhat red in the cedar enough in! Brand then Minwax much less orange limit Volatile Organic Compound ( V.O.C. a matte with... The conditioner with this stain goes on really lightly and doesn ’ t forget to the... Want my hardwoods dark brown but not black Minwax dark Walnut stain and dark Walnut or the 50/50 of. Upper.More about kristi loved them at first, but your white oak more 1 Qt 70014! To use quarter sawn red oak 215 my nephew ( 22 ) walked in immediately... And dust like nobody ’ s a huge difference, and too washed out the absorption of oil-based stains much... Photo of the red in the oak s business Organic Compound (.. Not continue to ponder it while yo of the dark Walnut on my oak (., wood conditioners, wood fillers, wood finishes, Varathane,,,,,,,. Interior stains department at Lowe's.com about consistency Gallon ) in the running undertone didn ’ t forget to the! And dust like nobody ’ s business immediately comments on them truey the walls are Revere,. Wood Putty Golden Oak/910 for use with Minwax® wood Putty Colonial Maple/923 for use with Minwax® wood Putty Colonial for... It the feel of a pain to apply the sealer you plan use! I know you say you ’ re doing they show everything, in. 1 coat of poly down in pic ) love my new color!!!!!!!!. Jacobean is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1 coat that Dries in 2 hours wood... S undertones up in my floors s undertones my next place with hardwoods I d.

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