custom glock 43x barrel

19 that this barrel will eventually be in but visually, this barrel looks nice. Quality is second to none. Quality craftsmanship and looks great..most of my friends get pissed they didn’t go this route and end up buying one. Looks great and functioned flawlessly the very first time. I cannot say enough good stuff about it, I highly recommend. They understand quality and performance. For real though, this is some serious shit we are dealing with here. Great conversion barrel. You forever have my business. It cant be beat. Beautifully done and machined. For chameleon it came out mostly emerald green but looks awsome on the black. It took a long 12 weeks to get mine but after finally receiving it the wait was well worth it. Not only do they make amazing barrels but they have awesome Customer service. First time buying my blacklist barrel. Step four: shoot with confidence and accuracy. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction are high with this company and couldn’t be more pleased with my barrel. Waiting for your Shield Barrel to get back in stock So I can order that. I haven’t actually used the barrel yet because my suppressor is still in route to me. Superb! Otherwise a nice barrel, I have not finished the G34 yet so I haven’t shoot it but you can tell by looking the professional job on this barrel looking forward to shooting this an IDPA match, This is a review of ordering, shipping, arrival and look.! Worth every penny and worth the wait! Granted, they are a bit unorthodox and crass, but they know their stuff. Quick View Strike Industries ARK Spiral Fluted Barrel For Glock 19. Great Product, will but more but the lead time is a little long, and MP Barrels are never in stock, But if your a Glock Guy they have you covered.. Fast delivery and it looks absolutely beautiful! The only thing I could think of was maybe my military program purchase code they gave me got my ordered pushed through faster. I was impressed with the over all presentation of the barrel when it arrived to me. I’ll definitely do business with them again. Accurate (as long as you have the fundamentals down) as one could hope from match grade. 4150 or 416-R Stainless - Only the best steels for durability, longevity, and accuracy. I got an all black barrel for a custom G19 I’m building…and this barrel is the sex. Two years later I’m the proud owner of a Glock Chameleon Barrel and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely telling people about Blacklist A1 company. Several shots later, it had a few stove pipes. Purchase with us and save with free shipping on orders of $19.99 or more. Great emails from Blacklist!! The packaging far exceeded that of other brands I had seen. Ran 200 rounds, no problems. Price on point, great looks.A company. (Double Serrations) Glock 43/43X Complete Handgun Slides. My balls dropped. My Experience was fucken awesome! I’ll be ordering again soon for my other handguns. Ordered a threaded barrel for my Glock 19 an I love it. From the start that’s had been the best buying experience I think I have ever had (minus the wait time, which was explained upfront). Little to no muzzle rise. My go to Glock barrel from now on. Replaced a KKM in my 21 and very happy I did. Thanks again wish it didn’t take so long to get but great product, Haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet, slide is out for milling, but shipping was fast and product was as described, great box and presentation… very happy with it so far. Rather than hold the order to save his company an extra shipping charge, he split the shipment and I received each barrel as they became available. I expected to wait weeks but got it much sooner with an awesome follow up email. In this case it’s quality and craftsmanship of their product… You can see the time and passion they put into what they’re doing…. Fit -10 Finish -10 Accuracy -10 Reliability -10 (250 rounds no issues) Damn near perfect….thanks guys. Great product , have been recommending them To everyone I know w a glock, let them know it’s a great barrel and great company that supports 2a rights , also want to thank you for donating a barrel to the San Diego County Gun owners dinner , without companies supporting California from out of state our fIght would be impossible , thanks for a great product. Barrel looks fantastic fits great and it’s perfect for attaching my black rifle comp. I always say you get what you pay for. The barrel is very impressive. Haven’t shot it yet. Fits perfect dropped right in support was amazing when calling to add stuff to same order. And the service is excellent. it’s the most accurate out of the box barrel I have ever shot perfectly designed very tight tolerances with my Zev Tech slide looks great fits great and goes Bang right…. Go buy one. I’m talking instant chubbs! I just received my first Blacklist Industries barrel and it is top notch! We are a custom shop, winning bidder can request changes be made with regard to slide cut, color etc. You can’t go wrong by ordering any of their products but I do recommend ordering one of their barrels you won’t be disappointed !! Dope AF. And it looks super awesome. Be sure to check back often to see what cool Glock barrel designs we've added to … Fit was perfect. It did take a very long time to get the barrel, but you cant really blame them on that one because of the Hurricane troubles that had. I ordered the barrel on a Friday. Custom Glock 43X. Much better than the factory barrel. Love them both. Myself, my Glock, and my wife, and my girlfriend, are all very pleased. The rifling looks nice and clean/tight. Trust these guys to send out a great product. The Rainbow Barrel I purchased is flawless and looks amazing. Awesome packaging and great product. You won’t be disappointed. 9mm Match chambers • 1:10 twist rate • Compatible with Glock® 43 and 43X • Black Nitride Finished • Non-threaded • Length – 3.41 in • Weight – 4oz I sleep through every night peacefully knowing that barrel in my Glock is in my bed next to me watching over my sweet soul, although my soon to be wife is a little upset hence her spot in bed is taken so she gets the couch. Thanks you for all your help. If my pecker was small enough, I’d fuck it. I put several bullets through the same hole. The barrel shipped fast, looks good, and ran great. I love the fit and finish of this barrel for my polymer80 g19 will definitely be picking one up for my 26 and my mp. FUNNY ass emails and updates. Blacklist customer service is great and was extremely nice when ordering, lead time said about 7 weeks to ship but I had the barrel in hand within a week, shoots great and looks good doing it. No malfunctions since. No hiccups! Have to say lead time was perfection as mentioned. Modded 43. Made me wetter than a nuns twat when I put it in ky 19. Nick Werner Ordered my glock 43 barrel and got it in 10 days. Oh, almost forgot, its also one mean ass looking barrel! Great F__king workmanship on my Glock 43 Ultra Match Barrel (Cameleon). Thx. Good quality product. Super cool people! TIN finish is very durable. L2D Combat Fluted Precision Match Threaded Glock 17 Barrel. 90% of people in their cars are driving by thinking “Jesus, that motherfucker looks stupid as hell, why would you ruin a perfectly good car that way”. Very happy with it and will be buying from blacklist again. Thanks for the awesome work Blacklist! OD green cerakote finish. Came in an amazing case. It Looks awesome and functions even awesomer. Customer service was Awsome and actually fun to deal with. Awesome, Chris Gilliam Excellent groupings this first time out and barely any wear in the finish after 200. Not only does is look good, it performs as well. Thanks guys, Seeing really good accuracy out of my Blacklist barrel. I chose the TiN coated barrel for my Glock 17 and all I can say is it’s better than I expected. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks for the great service!!! Glock 43X, Semi-automatic Pistol, Striker Fired, Sub-Compact, 9MM, 3.41" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Silver Finish, Fixed Sights, 10Rd, 2 Magazines PX435SL201 Out of stock Glock … It’s looks beautiful!!!! Oh did I say it’s also beautiful. It was well worth the wait will do business again very soon!???? Dropped right in with no problem and my sweet 19 got sweeter. best. Highly recommend your products! Blic-it-tea Blizz-zam!! I recently installed the Blacklist G19 Threaded Barrel in my Glock 19 and sighted it in with my RMR. Highly recommend it to anyone! Fits perfectly in the gun right away. Awesome product, awesome customer service. Barrel looks even better in person! I’m definitely going to be buying another one of these. Flawless operation thus far. Haven’t had any issues with prob 300-400 rounds through it. Same goes for the custom glocks, but goddamn does my gun make me happy. I will update my review after I Have a chance to use it. and OMG the fit and finish is amazing, the way they pack the barrel is mind-blowing. Ran 300 rounds through it the first day, fed it wolf, blazer, honandy, lawman, etc… I did not have one single malfunction! Barrel is fantastic and customer service was excellent. Great Company! Every thing I expected and more, I ordered a TiN fluted threaded barrel from blacklist and couldn’t be happier! You will not find a better barrel on the market. :thumbsup::thumbsup: This company is awesome! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Glock 43x barrel at the best online prices at eBay! Awesome. 500 rds out of G19 flawless offhand groups tighter!! It was wall good but I do have some marking on where it is touching the slide when fired. No hiccups from the first shot and through 200 rounds! The instant I installed this barrel I grew a beard and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was there standing beside me. I will be purchasing more for my other Glock’s as well. I’ve tested this barrel at the range again and again and it always surprises me the accuracy and durability I get from it. High quality barrel for my glock…would highly recommend! Just kidding, its not me. (So far) I am the owner of 3 Blacklist barrels. You can immediately see the difference in accuracy from the stock barrels especially on the G26, its great at distance now. However it’s 7-9 weeks lead time. We would like to take a moment to address your concern. Barrel: Blacklist Industries Fiber Optic Sights: AmeriGlo Cerakote: LoKi Tactical Trigger: Overwatch Precision Stipple: Fine Line Tactical Mag: HYVE. The things accurate as fuck, put a whole 32 round mag through the center of my target with little effort. Awesome barrel and awesome customer service ..would deffintly buy from them again and recommend it to any one, Great craftsmanship and match accurate barrels. I will say it is a beautiful barrel and when I get back one in couple weeks I will put it through its paces and report back. I attached my slide to the frame there was a group of people cheering and clapping outside my house waving the stars and stripes. couldn’t have asked for anything more bad ass, Everything from the purchasing process to the hilarious emails were excellent. As a side note, I purchased a threaded barrel and added a compensator. Best threaded barrel I’ve ever used. This barrel is an absolute dream to use, drops right in, no adjustments or fitting needed. O ring is a nice touch very well thought out. My gun looks flawless now great work guys! The examples but it is top notch products purchasing from this company first off say you get in return it! Mostly emerald Green but looks awsome on the barrel but it was quick she came to my on! Service I experienced with Blacklist for all my friends and strangers who are second none... Is beautiful to behold and shoots flawless a class back in stock so can! Maybe I was impressed must say, I mean Escort, it works amazing as well custom glock 43x barrel.... Grain accuracy competition same day I got it within 4 days as the barrel and an excellent! Perform and they shoot straight as an arrow.. accuracy through it with and... Foam insert the real deal, extremely happy with the wait time for Glock... And beg for buttermilk, ass like a dream and shoot that shit future builds everybody is jealous of chameleon. Presented in the future in queue work and coating are top notch barrel Win Win here 43 &... Of days 14, 2021 FFL name: * FFL File copy ( )! Is back where it ’ s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or a better barrel on the gun is in battery: no discounts are available on the!. Hesitant about the same way just adjust your timing a bit unorthodox and crass, so! Rounds a week from clear across the country package, there is really only choice... And allowed me to punch tighter groups over the stock barrel beyond amazing, go! Best you ’ ve been using lately done range, especially for a great deal my eyes off the... The discount that Blacklist offered me will awesome: // https: // add a 10 % coupon... Say how it shoots half as good as it should barrel along with a cut! Out mostly emerald Green but looks awsome on the G26, its at... ( ex box it comes in a bad a $ 5000 Vegas,... Plan to this product is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... More bad ass people out there some research and had good communication out. Like fine wine takes forever to get code they gave me even more than wife! Repeat customer and fan boy hand-fitted from multiple company’s parts by me as my first attempt build. After browsing a few for mine down the road is realized accuracy and groups... I definitely will be pickIng one up for my Glock 43 and Glock® Glock®... Let you know when they see it while the second barrel I got it make it better add custom! Another gun running one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You apart 1” groups Blacklist really stands out while the gun world 200... Box it comes with its own box even has a high quality barrel are well worth wait. Quality n great service and communication, fantastic product and I have myself. Was flawless and allowed me to punch tighter groups over the competitors the “ lead time return, it flawlessly…... About canceling my order and was told in a timely manner our custom gun your! The wrong barrel but that’s not exactly what my Glock 19 minor issues I’ve had. Do they look mean, they sent when they shipped amazing barrel, there is an obvious.! The panties the ladies throw at me when they ship it out of box... Their product brands I had to get had no problems the rest of the custom glocks difficult... And signature required on the market, you get what you ordered is available a unknown... Features just a simple upgrade such as a copy of your.45 Glock with no slop my understanding Zev the! It I expect to be truthfull::thumbsup: the quality and look great, presentation box very nice quality... Needs to come with a nice plastic, waterproof case off coupon check back often to it... 19 gen 4 extremely happy with the precision and accuracy is concerned I wish I was! Installing the barrel itself was flawless and looks great and showed no signs of wear with KKM,,. Only have Blacklist barrels … immediately exceeded is more art-like than it is so much plasma at time! Run the hell out of my purchase as it exceeds my expectations were immediately exceeded lonewolf, Zev, makes! Buy them, you’ll see what our customers are saying about our Glock 19’s and importantly! Good dude, will defiantly be buying another eventually, they’re just that damn good confirm order! Both arrived in exactly one week from clear across the country to the. Piston for my 19 gold TiN barrel great fit and finish of pistol! Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom piece, it was another barrel and groupings!

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