how to remove dried egg from vinyl siding

Agitate with a stiff scrub brush and hose down with your garden hose. (Butyl-based products seem to be the recommended choice on the pressure washing industry forums.) Five Keys to a Successful Car Washing Business, New, Improved Insurance Program for Power Wash Owners, Cleaning Contractor Killed by Falling into a Meat Grinder, Red Sludge on Beach Product of Pressure Washing Runoff, Window Cleaner Falls of Ladder, Breaks Pelvis, Daredevil window cleaner dices with death 100ft up – without a harness, USA Today Article Highlights Pressure Washing as a Viable Career Alternative, Simultaneous Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning Invention Introduced at IIT Dehli, Roof Cleaner’s Lesson: Put it in writing…before negative press does, Wash on Wheels Helps with $30 Million Sports Authority Field Improvement Project, IWCA Announces Safety Certified Window Cleaners, Dumping on Sidewalk Costs Kitchen Worker in Port Chester, New York, Crews Begin Pressure Washing Arkansas Oil Spill, Michigan Reports Graffiti Removal Costs More than $500,000 in 2012, Glasgow airport bomb hero now a carpet cleaner in New York, Window Cleaners Finish Cleaning World’s Tallest Building (Burj Khalifa), Pressure Washing Seminar, March 13-16, Albany, NY. How to Remove Paint From Vinyl Siding. Flag. Follow. There's a lot of yellow egg yolk on painted wood trim as well as on the vinyl siding. Dish-washing detergents are sometimes adequate, but they may not work on dried stains or porous surfaces. Watch how easy this is. Make sure the water is only warm, not hot, as hot water can actually cook the egg to the wall surface and make it more difficult to remove. A reckless pest control technician sprayed under siding to kill ants and residual liquid ran out and stained my siding in several places. Use a professional quality carwash cleaner and a gentle terry cloth towel designed for vehicles. Wet the area below where the egg is dried on the surface. Mix some non-abrasive filler such as sanding dust with an enzyme laundry detergent and spread a paste of this over the affected surface. 4  To remove the egg’s fats and proteins, use an alkaline cleaner. //

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