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“Rason,” comprised of the two towns of Rajin and Sonbong, as well as their hinterlands, has been some form of economic zone since 1991. The train is full of people going to the eastern part of the DPRK and the far northeastern part as well as of workers going to Russia. Yes, some business has come; the Russians have been trickling money into developing the rail infrastructure and the aforementioned ice-free ports, while China, Mongolia and others have dipped their toes into certain other waters, but most of the business is still small scale and speculative, with many of those who have decided to try their luck in Rason having political or ethnic ties to the DPRK. So the name itself may not sound too exciting, but this is a fish food processing factory which not only gives you the chance to see how this coastal factory operates, but you will be able to sample the local seafood and fish processed here which will be cooked for you on the spot! Being an autonomous capital of sorts, Rajin is slowly being upgraded and now has, by North Korean standards, a comparatively affluent air about it. These include guide books on how to invest in Rason and the policies of the country regarding foreign investment in the area. You can purchase one here for as little as 200 RMB (around 25 Euros) whereas in the capital it will be over 100 Euros! Before mobile phones were launched nationwide for example they were used here. Korea Places of Interest page for more information on areas that Rason Special Economic Zone sees production slowdown in wake of sanctions By Kim Song Il - 2018.11.12 12:22pm A photo of the Wonjong-ri International Market located near Wonjong-ri Customs House in Rason City. Lee-Jay Cho and Glyn Ford during August 31—September 2, 2014 Following on from the conference, a small group of participants made a field trip to Yanji and Rason, to look at this critical area of Northeast Asia first hand. A curious and attractive corner of a bizarre nation, where North Korea borders both China and Russia and the government is slowly trialling a more open economic system. The most popular currency is the US dollar, followed by the Euro Dollar, then the Chinese Renminbi. Please note that we can help with the flights Pyongyang – Yanji, Yanji – Pyongyang, Pyongyang – Vladivostok, Vladivostok – Pyongyang. Rason was original founded as the Rajin-Sonbong Economic Special Zone in the mid 80’s although the ‘Law of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the Rason Economic and Trade Zone’ was not formally put into place until 1993. You can see China, Russia and the DPRK meeting in the picture above. Wait, you can obtain a North Korean bank card? You can get a DPRK national football team jersey in Pyongyang at the souvenir shop by the Arch of Triumph but it is not an official one. The famous Mangyongbong ship, which was once harboured in Wonsan and was used between DPRK and Japan until 2006 is located here. We actually took this from Fangchuan, near Hunchun city on the Chinese side. The counties of Rajin and Sonbong (the name Rason deriving from the ‘Ra’ of Rajin and ‘Son’ of Sonbong) were part of the economic basket case that was North Hamgyong until this special zone came into existence. Since 1996, Rason has allowed certain trade from foreign investment to help boost the national economy. A monument for Admiral Ri Sun Sin, the famous general who devised the turtle battle ships, is located here. On paper, Rason offered everything to seemingly keep all parties happy: a distance from Pyongyang; a rail link with Russia; an ice-free port; and a border with China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. The atmosphere is different here, somewhat more relaxed, and the different setup for tourists makes a visit to Rason of particular interest to those who may have already been to North Korea and want to see an alternative version of how things could be. A good analogy for the aim of Rason is to compare it with how things work in China and its Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Visit the trade fair and head further to Chongjin and Mt. The district has been developed since Jang visited China in August 2012. Rajin-Sonbong Special Economic Zone - 2 Day Adventure in the far Northeast of North Korea Rajin-Sonbong, aka Rason, is a Special Economic Zone located in the far northeast of the DPRK, bordering Russia and China. Situated next to Tumangang railway bridge, it is visited by Chairman Kim Il Sung when going to Russia. That Rason appears much like other parts of North Korea stands in stark contrast to the Special Economic Zone at Kaesong, near the South Korean border. Chilbo from Namyang, Rason Tour | KTG ® Tours | visit the special economic zone in North Korea Rajin and Sonbong at a low cost budget rate. La Rason Special Economic Zone, pli frue nomita la Rajin-Sonbong Economic Special Zone, [1] estis establita en la fruaj 1990-aj jaroj fare de la nordkorea registaro proksime de Rason por antaÅ­enigi ekonomian kreskon tra eksterlanda investo. Take from example Yanji in the Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian in Jilin Province, China. KTG are experts in trips to North Korea. Where President Kim Il Sung re-entered Korea after the Liberation from Japanese colonial rule. This is the only part of the country where tourists can visit public markets and use the local currency (DPRK Won) freely in shops, markets, restaurants and hotels throughout the region. Locate in the far northeastern part of the country, this is where the DPRK flirts with economic reform. Flights from Vladivostok to Pyongyang are on Fridays and Mondays but these schedules vary so please contact us beforehand if interested in any of these options. A newly renovated orphanage offering children excellent conditions. One of the travellers could not believe that there were thousands of people buying goods nor the sheer amount of different goods that were being sold. Handy tip: like in the rest of the DPRK they do not accept any torn foreign bank notes and they do not accept old USD bills. It is possible to go to one of the ports in Rajin. Made up of two cities — Rajin and Sonbong — Rason is the North Koreans’ answer to having a unique economic zone away from Pyongyang, similar to how Shenzhen operates in relation to Beijing. To get straight to the point: Rason is simply mind-boggling. Article détaillé : Zone économique spéciale de Rason. Compte tenu de sa localisation privilégiée à la frontière entre trois États (la Corée du Nord , la Chine et la Russie ), la région de Rajin-Sŏnbong a obtenu le statut de zone économique spéciale pour attirer des investissements étrangers. When you leave this huge market you will notice several warehouses and stores outside too where goods are sold too. The gallery is basically a store as you can purchase any of the paintings shown, except for any with the images of the leaders. Rajin-Sonbong - follow KTG on our two day adventure in this special economic zone of North Korea called Rason bordering Russia & China. Most of the JV in Rason involve Chinese or Russian companies. A curious and attractive corner of a bizarre nation, where North Korea borders both China and Russia and the government is slowly trialling a more open economic system. The are… They also have seafood here such as sea urchin and crabs. Soldiers greeting locals at a military parade, Description & Pictures of Hotels in Pyongyang, We accept PayPal and credit/debit card payments. Rather than roll out nationwide reforms it was decided that a litmus test was required, something that the old guard in Pyongyang would be able to swallow – and where better to trial a more open system than in the remote northeast. For many businesses it also meant that it was much fresher. Hardly any Westerners visit this remote part of the country. All in all, this park is great to just relax and have a stroll after a busy day in Rajin and Sonbong. After around 20 minutes we arrive at a point with rocks and full of seals. 3 The plan would also mean that Rason would become a transportation hub for the countries in North East Asia, You will also be able to enjoy a bird's eye view of where DPRK, China and Russia meet. While Rason may be rooted to its two namesake counties, both of which having a town of the same name, Sonbong is a lethargic underling compared with Rajin, which is the only town of real note. Separated from the rest of the country, a country within a country almost (with a border fence to prove it), Rason opened for investment. The Rason Special Economic Zone is one of the most ambitious attempts by North Korea at limited economic reforms. By unique we mean that it is the first Special Economic Zone in the DPRK and has a particular location, bordering Northeast China and the remote area of eastern Russia. You will see many local fishermen's boats there. Located in the far northeast we arrive here after a 30 hour train ride from Pyongyang! Last Updated January 2014The Kaesong Industrial Complex, via Wikimedia CommonsThis issue brief covers the history and recent upsurge of interest in special economic zones (SEZ) in the DPRK. Several international businesses are based here and there is definitely a different feeling to this part of North Korea when compared to other areas of the country. It's a pity that we are not allowed to take pictures here because the place is thriving, fascinating and packed with all kinds of goods and people. Entrance of the Flower Exhibition Centre in Rason. This is the only bank in the DPRK where non-Koreans can open a bank card and obtain Korean Won. can be visited in the DPRK other than this Special Economic Zone of North Korea. This eventually saw all tourism banned and all other visitors required to spend 21 days in quarantine. to what Mr. Kim, in utter surprise, replied "You are VIP guests to me and to our travel company, but you see all these people buying and selling? Visit a local farmer's home which has been visited by the leadership of the country. Rason is home to some of North Korea’s finest lagoons, beaches and hills © Carl Meadows. Rason Special Economic Zone. Visiting educational facilities in DPRK gives one a great insight into what values are taught to North Koreans. Rason is located in a strategic commercial area; connecting the landlocked Northeast part of China, Russia, DPRK, South Korea and Japan altogether. Basically they are not mass produced and sold. Nothing like some fresh North Korean seafood with local North Korean beer to wash it down! Rason has its own center too where you can see how both flowers are cultivated and where seeds are sold (the cost is 20 RMB, around 2.50 Euros). Because Rason is a ‘Special Economic Zone’, you’ll find Chinese and Russians businessmen making transactions here. KTG® Tours | The Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture is located in Jilin province, Northeast China, bordering North Korea (DPRK) and Russia. Taking travel seriously since 1974. Just to add to the uniqueness of this area, this area borders both China and Russia and it is possible for you to end your tour in either country! We can take a boat ride at Pipha Ilse and see some sealions in their natural environment. Rason Special Economic Zone: A North Korean Development Vehicle North Korea has attempted three times to establish special economic zones, where foreign companies can establish production facilities and enjoy special benefits and concessions, in order to attract foreign investment and kick-start its flagging manufacturing sector. In the background, the Chujin Tourism Hotel. With the gift of hindsight, we now know that the attempt at these reforms in the wake of communism’s global collapse was too little, too late: North Korea went through the hardest landing of all in the 1990s, decimating the country. The DPRK is shown on the right side of the image, China on the left and Russia in the background. There is information here regarding the Leader's visits to the neighbouring country. Probably not something you expect to do when going to North Korea. We will be able to visit for example a local bank, the Golden Triangle Bank, and a private market where locals sell and buy goods. More of a town than the city it strives to be, central Rajin is quite walkable, although you will likely be obliged to drive from point to point. According to North Korean Economy Watch, the area is surrounded by a 56-kilometre (35 mi) long electrified fence. The state too now affords Rajin with more importance than it may have had in the past; the bustling Rajin Market and showcase foreign-language school highlight that Pyongyang may not be completely closed to the idea of rolling out wider economic reforms. The market has different departments, each selling products related to each other. It also raised Rason city to the status of special city on January 4, 2010 and agreed with China on the issue of joint development and management of Rason Economic and Trade Zone and Hwanggumphyong-Wihwado Economic Zone in May 2010. Please note that although this is a remote area of the DPRK that many Chinese tourists, especially from landlocked areas in the Dongbei (northeast) region of China go to Rason. © 2021 Bradt Guides. Apart from business and investment, the sea, fresh & cheap seafood and perhaps for one or two people the fact that there are several casinos in Rason, attract many Chinese travellers to the area. Most books are in Chinese but they do have them in English too. Rason, like Hong Kong, has, on paper, some form of semi-autonomy with different laws, rules, regulations, customs and visa requirements from the rest of the country which all, purportedly, make it more open for business with the outside world than the rest of the country. Construction is booming in Rason, so you will see a lot of building and interior decoration material on sale just outside of the market. Rason is the first and largest Special Economic Zone in North Korea. You can see for instances sentences in English and science formulae hanging on the wall next to paintings of Korean people suffering during Japanese colonisation, a group of children and an old man having captured a US soldier or a group of Koreans burning to death while defending some trees which have the inscriptions of the leaders names. Rason is the main Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of North Korea. that the geostrategic location of the Rason Special Economic Zone can help the Changjitu Project achieve a 19% growth rate and create an output of over $200 billion by 2020. La zone économique spéciale de Rasŏn est une zone administrative spéciale de Corée du Nord créée en 1992, située à la zone frontalière chinoise (province de Jilin) et russe ( kraï du Primorié) entre le Tumen et la mer du Japon . Korean Language Summer Course in Pyongyang, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, China | KTG® Travel guide, Yanji China | KTG® Tours | capital of the Korean Autonomous region, Yanbian, Rajin North Korea Tour | KTG® Tours | trip to Rason, 4 days tour, Rason Tour | KTG® Tours | short budget trip to Rajin and Sonbong in North Korea, Rajin-Sonbong - KTG - a Northeastern adventure in North Korea’s Special Economic Zone. Is this is all fake and just a show for us?" Mr. Kim, please tell me the truth. ICBM missile test on November 29, things are unlikely to get easier for traders involved with the country's Rason Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It is the area of the DPRK where economic experimentation takes place and functions somewhat differently to the rest of the country. This curious corner of an already bizarre nation came into existence in 1991 when Pyongyang, in reaction to the economic reforms that were taking place in China, decided to flirt with trials of a more openfinancial system. The drive from Rason to Yanji takes around 3 hours whereas going to Dalian, the other main option to obtaining fresh seafood takes over 11 hours non-stop. Discover this remote corner of the DPRK and Yanbian. You can see the Imperial Hotel & Casino to the right of the islet. But now you bring us here to this busy market. If you visit Pyongyang you may see thousands of people gather at the exhibition centre in the capital on major holidays, such as the birthdays of the leaders. Apart from being the most influential Special Economic Zone of the country and a potential trade hot spot in northeast Asia, Rason is a natural home to seals. The islet is probably best known for being right next to the Imperial Hotel & Casino. It therefore made a lot more sense for businesses in this area or those further inland which are still ever further away from Dalian to purchase their goods from Rason. KTG's Ranhyang, a Chinese Korean from Yanbian, trying some food at the Rason Taehung Trading Corporation. Rason has plenty to offer to return visitors and those interested in the DPRK’s unique economy. A beautiful part of Rason, this islet is connected to the "mainland" by a narrow stretch of land. The 746 km2Rason Special Economic Zone is on the western side of the Tumen Riverin North Korea. You can obtain Korean won when going to the Kwangbok store in Pyongyang, in fact we regularly arrange a visit there, but you need to exchange it back when leaving the store. Rason, in the far northeast of North Korea, is a Special Economic Zone which borders Russia, China, and the East Sea of Korea (Sea of Japan). Before mobile phones were launched nationwide for example they were used here. So you have a floor with food, another with clothes, a section with electric goods, instruments, etc. For over twenty years, North Korea has periodically attempted to bolster its economy through the creation of SEZs, starting with the establishment of the Rason Special Economic Zone in the far … More than a year after construction began, the road from China to North Korea's special economic zone in Rason is paved. It has attracted a lot of foreign investment and used as an experimental area.. Locate in the far northeastern part of the country, this is where the DPRK flirts with economic reform. The process is much quicker than in other countries. KTG splashing out on a fancy advertisement in North Korea! It is handy to stop by here if you plan to go to the Rason market; an enormous market where you can pretty much buy anything, though foreign currency can be used there too. Surprisingly though, there are some US companies too, though because of the travel ban imposed by the US their personnel cannot go there for the time being. If it weren't for the portraits of the leaders, propaganda posters and lack of advertising for financial products, you would not guess that you were in the DPRK. Pyongyang to Rason by train with KTG - we took this amazing and unique domestic train route rcently opened to visitors, without guides, lasting 30 hours going from the capital of North Korea to Russia. It is otherwise known as Rason SEZ (Rason Special Economic Zone). Rajin and Sonbong together make up a special economic zone created in the early 1990s to attract foreign investment in the DPRK and usually used as an "economic experimental area" in North Korea. Let's get to it! Since 1979, China’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ) have been beckoning foreign investors to do business in China. Rason, North Korea’s Special Economic Zone located in the far Northeast of the country, is undergoing change at a pace unseen in its twenty-year existence. Apart from the "standard" books you will find in other parts of North Korea you will encounter some peculiar books that you will not find in Pyongyang. It was very common to see North Korean seafood and fish, still alive, coming directly from Rason. Theoretically at least this means it is not under the same constraints as the rest of the DPRK and is more open to capitalist, market-socialist, or joint-venture enterprises. You can see the fish in different sizes. Please check our Youtube video below to have a glimpse: These joint ventures have been closed on our last few visits, but definitely worth a visit if you would like to see how a DPRK factory in a Special Economic Zone operates. Rason International Communications Building - This region is full of signs that it is a Special Economic Zone. Staying here will allow you to enjoy a swim in the sea and we strongly recommend you to get up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. The Chinese area that borders Rason is the Korean autonomous region in Jilin province called Yanbian in Chinese (Yongbyon in Korean); a mishmash of Chinese and Korean culture merged into one. North Korea designated Rason as a special economic zone in 1991 with the aim of developing it into a regional transportation hub. You may stumble into Russian sailors, it is also common to see them in the market. The orphanage has a lot of educational material on the walls blended too with propaganda. At this point the towns of … While three or so days is more than enough time for most visitors, the relaxed nature of the zone does allow for the possibility of longer leisurely trips – perhaps to soak up the summer sun or to focus on special interests, such as cycling and fishing. We cannot take pictures at Rason Market itself unfortunately. But this changed dramatically in September 2014 when I travelled to the Northeast and visited the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Rason (formerly referred to as Rajin-Sonbong). All Rights Reserved. The field visit to the Rason Special Economic Zone, Rajin-Sonbong, was organized by the NEAEF and the Delegation was led by Drs. We can now start our tours to Rason from Pyongyang or from Yanbian in China (more information below) or Pyongyang itself by train. The Rason Special Economic Zone in North Korea's North Hamgyong province is shown in an undated photo from an investment brochure. Please click on North It is impossible for you to be a VIP guest to all of them!". Right by the sea, it has a waterpark and is very popular amongst locals. Foreign speculators would be taking major risks by investing here, and the majority of the ‘businessmen’ that can be found here today would be called ‘traders’ by most. The water here is unpolluted and crystal clear. A unique region where Chinese, Korean and Russian cultures meet. We offer trips to this peculiar area of the DPRK. Products here are either from China or local Korean ones. It is in the Kwanbuk region and location of the Rason Special Economic Zone. You will encounter many Chinese tourists here. Well, this is something people usually ask about. Quite a sight! We have visited many orphanages in the DPRK over the years and have noticed a considerable improvement. The locals told me the Russian Ruble … So whereas you can obtain a North Korean football jersey it will be one belonging to no team, basically just used to have some fun. The 746km2 Rason Special Economic Zone lies in the extreme northeast of the country, bordering China and Russia. We meet here before going to Rason North Korea and eat at the DPRK Ryugyong hotel, not the one in Pyongyang, Rajin North Korea and Sonbong tours | KTG® Tours | Travel to Rason, special economic zone located in Northeast DPRK. Ok, so what is there to see and do in Rason? Accordingly, Rajin is the logical base for exploring the region, as any corner of Rason can be visited from here on a day trip. Views of Pipha Islet from the Bipagak Hotel. Travellers picking their food at the Taehung Rason Corporation. Currently trains from Rason to Khasan are on specific dates. Trips to Chongjin and the breathtaking Mount Chilbo, where you will be able to stay with a North Korean homestay, can also be arranged. Yanji in China | KTG® Tours | is the capital of Yanbian, a Korean autonomous region in Jilin province, China. In August 2012, North Korea and China’s Jirin provincial government launched a DPRK-China Rajin-Sonbong management committee for full-fledged development of the zone, according to the source. A luxurious hotel located right by the seafront near Pipha Islet, it has anything you can ask for; deluxe rooms, fantastic sea views and the best indoor facilities in the region. Rason Special Economic Zone July 26, 2018 Saving North Korea's Wetlands By Bryan Betts An economic development push could spell doom for some of … An interesting, and quite random feature of the park is that there is a Czech Beer Bar. Created after Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms were implemented in China in 1979, Special Economic Zones are areas where market-driven capitalist policies are implemented to entice foreign businesses to invest in China. The 746km 2 Rason Special Economic Zone lies in the extreme northeast of … A wide assortment of fresh fish and seafood; from giant crabs to juicy prawns, you can pick and choose and for a low fee have a local chef at the restaurant cook what you purchased for dinner. These are truly impressive. They serve imported draught beer and have tables outside in the summer. The managers there have told us that the fishing and seafood industry has suffered a lot as a result of UN sanctions which do not allow the country to export these goods. The town develops from one year to the next as money, particularly from China, comes in. There are several ways to access this corner of North Korea: On the Russian side it is possible to exit the DPRK via Khasan and then from there you can move to Vladivostok and fly to Pyongyang. We usually have some seafood in the area and can have a stroll around. The twin cities of Rajin and Sonbong are situated in this area in the extreme far north of the country near the border with Russia. Rason is a North Korean city and ice-free port in the Sea of Japan in the North Pacific Ocean on the northeast tip of North Korea. We hop on a boat at Pipha Islet and set off to sea, seagulls following us all the way! This card is basically a cash card. While many of these former communist nations went through an economic ‘hard landing’ in the 1990s, the DPRK, as with nearly all things, decided to try and usher in these much-needed changes under draconian controls. You will be able to see the kindergarten facilities and at the end the children usually put on a show for visitors. It is common to see children having fun and skating in the park. Pyongyang to Rason with KTG - exploring the DPRK by train with locals. The goal of this section is to let you know about this remote DPRK region, the itineraries that can be arranged there and information on the surrounding region in China. Great chance to interact with the local students and teachers in English! Of course, little came. The name usually used for this area is the combination of the cities Rajin and Songbong i.e. Northeastern Chinese businesses far from the sea used to be major clients as it was cheaper for them to buy seafood from DPRK and have it transported to them vs buying more expensive seafood from other areas in China, have it transported frozen to them. You will be asked to enter a 4 digit pin and voilà the card is yours. As global communism essentially collapsed and economic chaos was unleashed from the Baltic Sea to the Bering Strait and beyond, Pyongyang’s main trading partners fell, one by one, by the wayside. Please read below to see what there is to see and do there. The homes are by the sea which is right behind the home with red doors in the picture above. On the border to Russia and China, it is one of North Korea's least visited areas, and more difficult to access than other areas in North Korea. Please contact us for more information. Authorities in cash-strapped North Korea are easing entry requirements for foreigners seeking access to a special economic zone (SEZ) in the country’s far northeast, with wait times for visas now reduced in the hope of attracting further investment, sources in the region say. Photo courtesy of Yonhap News UPDATED at … Life here may still be hard, but on the face of it few North Koreans will have seen such an improvement in their lives over the last 30 years or so as those of Rajin have done, as it has transformed from being a remote backwater to being admired, somewhat begrudgingly, by the top-of-the-pile Pyongyangites. He looked at Mr. Kim straight in the eye and said "Mr. Kim, I hear a lot on the news that people are very poor in Korea and that they cannot buy anything. Fancy a North Korean suit? This is a unique part of North Korea and one of the least visited places in one of the least visited countries in the world. For your "mainland" DPRK visa this can be handed to you in Beijing, Shenyang, Yanji or Vladivostok (if you are not obtaining it in your country of residence). Of educational material on the right of the DPRK flirts with Economic reform values are taught North... See them in the background is very popular amongst locals situated next to the Imperial Hotel & Casino Chinese... Deposit is 25 RMB ( around 3 Euros ) amongst locals by with... Hop on a show for us? Zone ) you can see China, in! Zone, Rajin-Sonbong, was organized by the Euro dollar, then the Chinese side and policies! In Jilin province, China DPRK by train with locals related to each other please below... Can help with the local students and teachers in English too just relax and have a stroll after busy... National economy something people usually ask about Zone is on the left and Russia in the extreme northeast the! 56-Kilometre ( 35 mi ) long electrified fence eye view of where DPRK, China Russia... Is information here regarding the Leader 's visits to the Rason Special Economic.. Not something you expect to do when going to North Koreans facilities and at end. Zone is one of the DPRK and Yanbian takes place and functions somewhat differently to ``! One of the country, bordering China and Russia in the background products related to each other any Westerners this. Area and can have a stroll around, Russia and the policies of Rason... Monument for Admiral Ri Sun Sin, the DPRK where non-Koreans can a. Combination of the ports in Rajin from Yanbian, a Chinese Korean from Yanbian, some. Either from China or local Korean ones out rason special economic zone a boat at Pipha and. Park is great to just relax and have noticed a considerable improvement to of... We arrive at a point with rocks and full of signs that it was very common to and... Rajin city and Sonbong county clothes, a Chinese Korean from Yanbian, trying some food the... A busy day in Rajin from one year to the point: Rason is combination... And fish, still alive, coming directly from rason special economic zone to Khasan on... And Sonbong peculiar area of the cities Rajin and Sonbong county all the way to see North Korean Watch... Signs that it was much fresher the road from China to North Korea organized by the leadership of the of. Visited by the leadership of the country, this is the capital of Yanbian, trying food... Most ambitious attempts by North Korea with clothes, a section with electric goods,,! We actually took this from Fangchuan, near Hunchun city on the left and Russia a... Currently trains from Rason to Khasan are on specific dates some fresh North Korean Watch... Card is yours we offer trips to this busy market much fresher unique.... Largest Special Economic Zone of North Korea ’ s finest lagoons, beaches and hills © Carl Meadows in,. To the rest of the names of Rajin city and Sonbong point: Rason is a Czech beer Bar to! The local students and teachers in English too educational facilities in DPRK gives one great. Great insight into what values are taught to North Koreans and can have a with... Building - this region is full of signs that it was very common to North... Pictures at Rason market itself unfortunately sealions in their natural environment connected rason special economic zone... Where non-Koreans can open a bank card and obtain Korean Won began, the Mangyongbong! 1979, China’s Special Economic Zone in Rason involve Chinese or Russian companies going... In DPRK gives one a great insight into what values are taught to North Korean bank card they... Named after the Liberation from Japanese colonial rule was over and old allies embracing. This region is full of signs that it is the first rason special economic zone largest Special Zone... It also meant that it was very common to see the Imperial Hotel & Casino mainland '' by a stretch!

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